Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camping Trip at the New River

Had our now annual camping trip at the New River Junction in McCoy, setting up in the "River Room" right along the bank. The Martins, Ifjus, Cooleys, Cranwells gathered to show the next generation how to have a good time. Jake and Columbu joined us Saturday afternoon, and Trixie made a brief showing Saturday morning.

The highlight was of course the engineering project, building upon the foundation from last year. We improved upon the in-river "jacuzzi" to include a leveled top that accommodated not one but TWO fires to keep us warm and happy for after-dark swimming and marshmallow roasting.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Golden Taco

Spencer wrapped up a four week Act and React camp in which a group of about 20 kids and the third-grade teacher wrote a 75 minute play (48 pages) complete with three original songs, sets, and costumers. Spencer plays Professor Taco Butler on Taco Island. He is quite the creative and confident actor, we were impressed!! He also had a short cello solo in which he put the cast to "sleep" with a slow soothing version of the Mexican Hat Dance. I can't do the plot justice, but the map below, which served as a program, should hint at the complexities of it all!

The Golden Taco
a.k.a. The Butlers vs the Flight Attendants
a.k.a. The Great Banana War

Spencer is a key actor in the final scene that ties all (OK, a few) of the loose ends together.

Spencer worked on the backdrop on the right that includes the scene from his laboratory. We ended up buying the canvas for $30 and it is proudly displayed in our basement!

Here is the song that Spencer had a bit of a duet performance in with his friend Levi (James Blonde).
Down, Down

Down, down, all you flight attendants
Down, down, down. We are very confident
We'll get the golden taco before you
Boo, hoo, hoo, hoo

You don't seem to understand the situation
When we find the gold we'll send you on vacation
Down, down, down,
We'll find the gold before you do
Boo, hoo, hoo, hoo

Down, down, all you flight attendants
When we get the gold
Don't be too expectant
We won't share, so why don't you just go home
Ho, ho, ho, home

Every butler type's
A talker and a strutter
We will melt you down like
Little chunks of butter
Down, down, down.
You know you're going down, down!