Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cleveland Trip!

Last weekend we went to Cleveland for a three day visit with Kristen, Evan, Kendall, Olivia, and Ana. Kristen's neighbor's grandkids were in town visiting and hit it off with Spencer and Grant too. They are Minecrafters and Spencer and Grant wasted no time in Skyping them after we returned home to Virginia.

My parents (S&G's grandparents) were traveling from Michigan back to Pennsylvania the same weekend and spent the day with all of us on Sunday. We went out to dinner to celebrate Kristen and Kendall's birthdays of the previous week, and Ted's birthday the next day.

Cortney enjoyed a bike ride with Evan and run along the lake. We took advantage of the beautiful weather for lots of trampolining, swimming, and porch time! 

Plan B for van failure: kids bike to Cleveland; mom runs (haha)

400 miles!

Spencer, Grant, and Ana

Kristen and Cortney

Butt bouncing

Spencer and Evan

Ted and Fluffy

Kristen, Cortney, Donna

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Best Friends

Grant and William have spent some good quality time together over the last week! There's nothing better than sharing your summer days with a best friend!