Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spencer and the String Bass

Spencer has been playing the string bass in the middle school band since October despite the fact that he's only had one actual lesson on it! This was lesson #2! Great work teaching himself so much and thanks to Matt for the extra help!

Fruit Ninjas

Just some funny video of the boys playing Fruit Ninjas on Xbox Connect!!

Grant turns 10!!

Recipe for a fourth grade birthday party:

In a large house, gently mix together the following:
  • Half a dozen (give or take) fourth grade boys
  • Several assorted pizzas
  • Xbox, Wii, air hockey, swords, nerf guns
  • Pets
Let simmer.

After several hours, add an ice cream cake and gifts. Then chill boys in front of Jurassic Park movie. Add popcorn topping.

Let sleep overnight for 4-6 (8 if you are lucky) hours.

Fold in large breakfast of biscuits, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and fruit salad. Whip up the Xbox again and add garnish of snow flurries.

Serve and enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spencer - Swimming Update

Spencer has been practicing two days a week with the H2Okies team. I try to get there about 15 minutes early to pick him up to watch some of the practice but by then they are usually finishing up with drills. I knew he was looking smooth and confident in the water, but this is the first I have seen him swim FAST!!  I told him today I don't like to lose races to anyone but my kids and I look forward to him smoking' me in the pool. I think that day may have arrived!!