Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photos of the day

Dog and cat are friends!

DS'ing on the window seat on a rainy morning.

The napping house on a rainy, dreary, dark Sunday morning

So much for THAT laptop! (it didn't work anyway)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Preview

We had another gorgeous and warm day here so the kids and I, along with friend William, headed to Wong Park to climb what I have dubbed "the Eiffel tower" of Blacksburg.

And as if we needed further proof of the good relationship between canine and feline in the home:

Spencer Bday Party...the final installment

A birthDAY is not enough in this family. Nope, you generally get a full week between the actual birthday, school celebration, party, etc! Saturday was Spencer's party with Cassidy, Walter, John, and Su, and Grant had friend William over. Here's a taste of what went down:

Battle of the stomp-rockets!

Dinner of choice for typical 9-year-olds: hot dogs, mac & cheese, fries, onion rings!

The ever-popular Wii

And of course, the fun of lighting your OWN candles!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Grant got his second stripe at Karate today! He is doing a terrific job and I love the seriousness and intensity in his approach! Here he is with his senseis Dax and Adam.

Blacksburg Electronic Village

A local freelancer (who I happen to know through kids!) wrote up a retrospective on the BEV where I was able to comment on the connection between that work and what I am doing now. Kind of fun to see how the seemingly random pieces and parts of one's life come together!

Most Wired Town 2.0 and BEV 2.0: A Meet Point in More Ways than One:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spencer's Bday Feast

Yesterday Spencer turned nine and celebrated by cooking with Chef George Kruse at the Blacksburg Country Club. In just two hours (the time it would take me to make a grilled cheese sandwich and can of soup) two chefs turned out a scrumptious and beautiful feast featuring the items listed on the menu above.

The restaurant is normally closed on Mondays so we had the whole place to ourselves and had the best table, right in front of the fire. Perfect for the cold and snowy day!

Natalie, Spencer, and Chef George

Discussing the menu and cooking plans

Delivering the food

What a beautiful table for such delicious food

Capping off the meal with bananas flambe

Enjoying the fruits of his labors

Happy Birthday, Spencer! We love you!