Friday, April 19, 2013

A musical day for the Martins!

Grant returned to his old pre-school, the Blacksburg United Methodist Preschool, to teach them about music:

And Spencer performed with his quartet (the two videos look identical from the thumbnails but are not!)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Truck Makeover

Grant and I did a little project this weekend removing vinyl truck decals and replacing them with new, updated ones. 

When the opportunity came up to actually do something with my hands (rather than on the computer), I was all for it and Grant offered to help. It was a bigger job than I thought so I was really glad there were two of us to work the heat gun, scraper, goo gone, and rubbing compound. It turned out pretty well.

 The "before" shot

 Had a little fun with it.

All gone.


Finished product, up-to-date.

Grant's Plants, Season 3

We have the best stetup YET! This is year three and we learned last year not to mess around and to just get new, guaranteed bug-free dirt. We also found little peat cups and the trays they fit in. And an old Lego League wooden platform and a yard sale table made for the perfect holder.

Spencer at Quartet Practice + a Snowstorm!

Spencer and three other Virginia Tech String Project students were chosen to play in a quartet. Here they are shown practicing with Alan Weinstein of the Kandinsky Trio. He has been helping them quite a lot and it's a real treat to hear him describe music and how he plays! The kids sound amazing!

Then two days later, on April 4, we got an unexpected snowstorm that left 5" of snow. It all melted by the next day.