Saturday, June 29, 2013

Limo Ride to School and New (used) bike for Spencer!

Here are a few other photos I should have put up. I arranged for a limo to pick the Middle School kids up for their last day of school. They've had to go to the neighboring town for the past two years since our high school took over the middle school here when the high school roof collapsed. There are also a few pics of Spencer on his new bike!

Grant at Deer Valley

Grant was invited to join his best friend William and his parents for a one-week stay at Deer Valley camp in Pennsylvania. He'd been there with them during the "off season" in fall and really enjoyed it but this was the first time he had the full experience. And what an experience! I think it's great he could be part of an inter-generational camp like this where they had some structured activities in the morning but a lot of freedom to choose, explore, and be free! I am really grateful he could go with his "second" family and enjoy such an incredible week!! Thank you Michael, Becky, and William!