Monday, July 8, 2013

A few more Deer Valley pics

William and Grant swam in a cold spring and here are the pics! (I found them here -

New Ride!

After 12 great years of service, the 2000 Grand Voyager was retired (traded in) for a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew edition. The decision was made when we were faced with some new repairs. We moved quickly, searched the local barely used van inventory, and narrowed it down to a handful of models that had less than 35,000 miles. This one had just 20,000.

This car has SO many more "bells and whistles" than the old one. I wasn't looking for those, but I'm thinking some of them may be fun! It has an in-dash DVD player, satellite radio, a jack for my iPod (yay), and even a 115 V AC plug! There's a backup camera and automatic sliding doors too. I like the "stow and go" seats that allow for a lot of configurations. And yes, my bike fits in there, same place, same way :-)

Unlike the old car, the hatchback handle doesn't jiggle, I don't have separate keys for the doors and ignition, and I can actually SEE at night with the headlights. Wow.

We were a little sad to part with the old one. But not for very long!!! I hope we have as many great adventures in the new van as we had in the old one.

And Lord help the first child who spills or throws up in this vehicle.