Sunday, August 18, 2013

Florida Trip

I just realized I never did a post about our trip to Portofino Island Resort!!  I mentioned it on the Cort the Sport blog, but did not include it here. The photos tell the story -- Here's a link to the photo album on Facebook!!


On August 6, we lost our kitty, Goo, who had been with us for about 2-1/2 years and was about 15 years old. We got her when her prior family moved to Europe. She had a neurological issue, likely from a tumor, and her condition deteriorated to the point that it was affecting her quality of life so we made the difficult decision that was the kindest for her and she went peacefully to sleep at our home in the care of our great vet Becky Young.

We will definitely miss Goo.

Recently we decided it was time to open our home to a new kitty, who we've named "Saki". She had been at the Humane Society for two months and although they say she is two, she seems smaller and younger.

Trixie has been terrified and Hannah is MAD, but just a few days in and they are already making peace. Saki is a very sweet and quiet cat who likes to follow us and is very inquisitive. We are happy to have her in the family!!

Meeting her at the Humane Society. We 'tried out' lots of cats and knew she was the one! (Her name was listed as 'Andrea')

She slept on the floor of the van on the way to the house!

The very first night she was on my lap.

 She's a good napper!!