Friday, January 21, 2011

Grant's Planet TEEREEWith 4 Presentation

Grant presented his planet project at school this week. It was a 10-slide Powerpoint presentation in which he described his created planet, the inhabitants, the ecosystems, and food chains.  Spencer had done this two years ago and it was fun to see it as Grant's turn.  Spencer was a super-supportive big-brother and Grant was glad to have him in the audience!

Using the smart board which you can "click" on!

Spencer watching intently!

With beloved teacher, Mrs. Lloyd who encourages creativity and critical thinking.

Cross Fit

Some video of Spencer, not his best jump rope set, but what I caught on my phone at Cross Fit!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grant Hula Hooping

Spencer has been doing some cardio via a jump rope lately.  I need to get footage of him.  He took this video Grant who decided to bring out the hula hoop for jumping and twirling!!