Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Family Pics!

Christmas Eve/Day

Spencer and Grant in their long-awaited new robes made by Oma. And what a saga -- it involved driving her sewing machine to Wytheville for repair and finishing with a loaner! They are warm and awesome and the kids have not taken them off!

 Robert, Elisabeth, and Greg

 Tom, Karen, George, Therese/Oma

Christmas morning - 6 am!! Here come the Ewoks!

Spencer thought it would be nice to give the kitties milk. It did NOT agree with Hannah :-(

Spencer's gift to Grant - his expression was PRICELESS! (I missed getting that moment on camera). I try not to think of all the chemicals and preservatives in this. 

I enjoyed my day doing a puzzle!

Trixie on her new dog bed prior to being displaced.

Cats checking out the new scratching post/hideaway

We knew it would happen...Saki on the dog bed. Very happy Saki. With her favorite ornament from the tree, a little burlap tree.

Gingerbread house

Grant and Spencer did some pixel art on the gingerbread house - Mario, Kirby, and Link of video game fame!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Tree!

Fall music

Both kids had fall music concerts - Spencer with his youth Orchestra and Grant with the Blacksburg Middle School Band.

The first six songs are from Spencer's fall concert. I unfortunately do not have Grant's so I'll have to film him in the spring.

Thanksgiving in PA

Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh with the grandparents, Kristen and Kendall. Quick trip with a visit to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and a lot of Monopoly playing!


Robert can't nap without help from Trixie and Hannah

 Hannah and Saki
Saki and Trixie

Wedding of Evan and Kimberley Walter

Spencer and I headed to Chicago for the nuptials of Evan and Kim!

 Cortney's mom and dad, Spencer, me, sister Kristen

Spencer, Cortney's Dad, the groom Evan

 Kristen and Cortney

 Kristen's daughters, Cortney's nieces Kendall and Olivia


 Here's the fall recap...a little late!! 

Back to school

 New trombone for Grant

Pumpkins that did not make it to Halloween :-(


 Tech Ed and Spencer's first CAD drawing - the body of a C02 propelled race car

Another great season of soccer for Grant, tied for first in the division!