Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet the Teachers!

The kids got their class assignments and met the teachers last night. I think they ended up with great matches. Spencer already had a conversation with Mrs. Lloyd about parallel universes, black holes, and string theory! She mentioned that she will give Spencer opportunities to teach others this year and step up his level of responsibility in the classroom. He's with his good friends John and Cassidy too. The nice thing is, with just two classes in his grade, he knows all of the kids really well having been in and out of classes with them now for three years. We love Harding Avenue Elementary! (The tie was completely Spencer's idea...he wanted to make a good first impression! And he just soaks up the positive feedback from all the adults.)

Grant has Mrs. Day, who Spencer had, and who we really liked. Grant was hoping to have her and we are so glad he does. I think her calm and kind ways will work well with him. Grant's good friend William is in class with him too.

The kids seem pretty excited for the school year and so am I. I've made no secret of that. They are ready for more structure in their lives, as am I!

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