Saturday, September 26, 2009

A day in the life of the Martins

So what do we Martins do on an average Saturday in our natural habitats? Here is what was observed on this particular Saturday!
  • Robert got up and read the paper/had coffee, made a waffle for Grant and for Spencer, drove to Christiansburg to get his circuit board for the Ellett Valley Group project (which works as well as it will he says), then he verified that it worked. Next he gathered the garbage and recycling, went to the collection center. Immediately he realized he forgot to take the broken chimenia and took that to back the collection center on the way to stop by his friends' house, Kim and Greg. Then he went to watch the Hokies spank Miami at the London Underground Pub. Now he is back home and about to walk the dog.
  • Spencer had to be dragged out of bed at 7:15 for his "date" at 8:00. After a shower and waffle, we got him organized and he went with his friend Vivian and her mom to Fairy Stone Park. They went on a guided tour with a ranger and found these unique stones. On the way home they stopped at the Floyd general store for lunch and he and Vivian shared a banana split. He played at Vivian's until nearly 6:00. He came home and got in a quick run on the treadmill - part of his training for a 5K in a few weeks. Here it is 7:41 and he's been on the phone with her for half an hour!! It is so funny! She is coming over here for a few hours tomorrow to play. Vivian is an adorable, smart, mature, articulate, and well-mannered young lady so we are happy she is a treasured friend of Spencers!
  • Grant played his DS and the Wii alot of the day. He played some piano too, something he has not done in a while, and he sounded great. It was rainy and gross and Grant has been happy to get some home time in. Tomorrow he is having a massage with my massage therapist. We scheduled it when he was having stomach and anxiety problems and we were at a loss for what to do. Now he's fine. Oh well, hopefully he'll enjoy it!
  • Cortney got up and had the usual oatmeal breakfast and readied the supplies for the run - running watch, heart rate monitor, PowerAde, hydration belt with pepper spray (!), powergel, two iPod shuffles - one with music, one with podcasts. Then off for a 17 miler that was mostly a rural loop past cows, horses, cows, and did I mention cows? Finished up through the VT tailgaters, glad to be running and not sitting around at a tailgate that would prove to be boring in 15 minutes. Since then she has been sitting around, stretching, eating, and making feeble attempts to work before crashing at 9:30 pm.
Yesterday, VT's QB Tyrod Taylor came to the kids' school to read to them (major PR effort) and Grant gave Tyrod a high-five. Now I am convinced that Grant's high-five made the difference and garnered us the WIN!

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azlinsey said...

I agree, Grant needs to high five TT before every game! Sounds like you all are busy in the good ways - very fun :)