Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spencer turns 10

The big co-ed 10-year-old sleepover birthday party

Spencer had Tyler, Vivian, Davis, and Chris over for dinner (pizza and wings), a movie (Futurama), sleep (HA!), and breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes). They are great kids who apparently don't need more than 6 hours of sleep in a night.

Spencer hit the jackpot for his 10th birthday. His BIG gift was a new Acer laptop. The USB ports on the old one crapped out so he couldn't work with his LEGO programming bricks. It was not affordable to fix, and it was an old machine, so a new one made more sense. Grant can still use the old one to surf the Web. The other main gift was an Arduino Mega microcontroller board. Spencer found it and it turns out it's very similar to a product that his Opa used for a water monitoring system. He and Robert have been exploring its possibilities and learning to program it in C++. Spencer has enormous patience for it, he really loves it! The other funny gift was this Pi tshirt in which the Pi is formed of the digits of the constant. Right up his alley! Of course So a BIG birthday for sure, but you only turn 10 once.

The Arduino Mega (above)

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