Monday, May 3, 2010

Smith Mountain Lake

This weekend we got a cabin at Smith Mountain Lake. I was racing in a sprint triathlon on Saturday but we also just very much needed a change of scenery and getaway. You can read the race report here and check out all the photos here, but I've pulled a few of the favorites out to post. The weekend was spent relaxing in or by the water, and with a bike ride through the state park.

This may well go down as one of my favorite photos of the year. The softness of Grant's face and silliness of Spencer just captures their essence!

The weekend came with its share of injuries. Grant fell off of one of the trees that was overhanging the water's edge and scraped his back pretty good. Then ignoring my pleas to "cease and desist" a game of catch with rocks, Spencer got whacked above the eyebrow which left a small, but nicely bleeding gash.

Smores make everything better!

On Sunday morning, Grant joined me for an early breakfast lake-side and we were joined by a very tamed duck that Grant named "Jiffy." Jiffy and Grant enjoyed a vacation treat of froot loops!

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Long and Foster said...

The boys look like they had a blast at Smith Mountain Lake!