Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Smith Mountain Lake

We got a cabin at Smith Mountain Lake for a race weekend getaway (read about the Big Lick Triathlon here). I still can't get over how nice and affordable these 2 bedroom cottages are. This one was built in 2009 and was in great shape. Unlike the cabin we had in the spring, this one had a dock, which was all well and good except for the prominent NO SWIMMING sign. We got around that by doing "deep-water wading"!! The water was in the mid to upper 70s, much nicer than the mid to upper 60s in May.

The kids enjoyed frolicking and wallowing, and chasing after the two resident ducks named "Jiffy and Jelly". If you recall from May, Jiffy was named then. We naturally assumed this was the same duck, plus a friend. The kids cheered me on, but because it was an Olympic rather than a sprint, there was a bit more sitting around involved. Still, a good time was had by all!

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