Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grant turns 9!!

Grant had 6, yes SIX, friends sleep over for his 9th birthday party!  I believe my words were "yes, what are the odds all six can come."  Well, the odds worked in his favor!  Fortunately he and Spencer are pretty good at handling things.  Grant planned his own party and made his own invitation (below).  I did suggest that he forgo gifts and instead have each friend bring an ice cream topping which worked out great.

His big gift (shared with Spencer who's bday is in early March) was an Xbox Kinect system.  We had that in the family room, the Wii in the basement, and a movie (original Ghostbusters) showing on the wall of the playroom where they all slept...eventually.

In the morning I made the famous peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes which were enjoyed by all!

Grant's Bday Invite

Bedroom Bball

Waiting (im)patiently to dig into the ice cream sundae bar


With all the electronics, it's nice to see that jumping on the Bosu and running around the house were still popular activities!

William and Grant

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