Friday, March 25, 2011


It's Spring! The kids are getting back outside and Grant has resumed work on the subterranean fort. We had to have a little talk about mud management and the wisdom of wearing the muddy clothes for the duration then leaving them, and the OLD shoes in the garage for the attendant (a.k.a. mom) to deal with.

On the first really nice day, Spencer took it upon himself to put the hammock back up. The problem is we lost the top half of one anchor tree in the fall, and when he got in it this spring, the soggy ground could no longer support the tree, and down went the tree, Spencer, and hammock. Robert told the kids to take the remains of the tree to the "mulch" pile (more like pile of vegetative crap). They never hesitated, and off to the garage they went to get the wheelbarrow and work out the problem together!! It took some doing and some encouragement and ideas from Robert, but by gosh they got the job done!!

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