Sunday, March 18, 2012

Soccer, Snow Jam

It's a new season of soccer for Grant and his teammates under Coach Luke and Coach Ed (not to mention the 10-12 unofficial sideline parental "coaches"!!  We can't help ourselves!!).  This is our third season with these awesome coaches, whose day jobs are as full-time Virginia Tech students!

Gotta love that Coach Ed is wearing a button-down

Trixie's first soccer game! She was good, but whined a bit.

Last week the VT Snowboarding Club hosted "Snow Jam" on the Drillfield. They brought in a snowboard/ski ramp with railings and a ramp. They competed with a few other schools and we were witness to all kinds of flips and twists and crashes. It was very muddy and of course Grant was wearing new shoes we'd gotten literally two hours before :-(

Grant and William with Snowball head

Gangstas. Nah, just Grant and William posing in front of the ramps.

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