Sunday, November 11, 2012

Grant's letter to Warren Buffett

Grant has been in major money-earning and saving mode! He headed out leaf-raking yesterday and returned with a $20 check! He earned more than anyone else in the family yesterday.

This morning he wrote a letter to his hero, Warren Buffett:

3555 Farnam Street
Suite 1440
Omaha, NE 68131


Dear Mr. Buffett,      
I am quite inspired by all of the work you have done, and am working to be as great as you. Even though I am only 10 years old, I try my hardest to make money after school.  I sell plant seedlings in the spring, I rake leaves in the fall, and I clean cars too. The money really adds up! Three days ago, with $56 in my money-suitcase, I decided I would set a goal to earn $600 before the year was out, and now I have $101 in there!

I don’t know exactly what got you so rich, but I believe hard work and commitment gets you wherever you want to be. My brother, some of my classmates, and even sometimes some teachers try to be pessimistic about my business ideas. While I agree “It’s not all about the money”, I still like to see George Washington’s face on the dollar bill.

I have started a blog to help other kids understand about finance and economics:

I am trying to start a club at school to encourage other kids to earn, save, and invest money. I have a Sharebuilder account and watch the stock market every day. I have learned a lot about investing and hope to one day to invest in Berkshire Hathaway stock and attend a shareholders meeting.

I just wrote this letter to say I am truly inspired by all that you have done in your lifetime, and hope to be half as successful as you.


Grant Martin


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