Saturday, March 16, 2013


Just a few pics from the weekend --

Like mother, like son. Bright new shoes. Despite my pleas to "try on your soccer shoes" Grant waited until 45 minutes before the first soccer practice of the season. They were way too small. A trip to the only local sports store resulted in new soccer shoes, size 11, YES 11, in the only shoe they had. So Grant ended up with orange and yellow shoes!! 

 Friday night we went and hung out at Lucy Monroe's coffee shop. We are thinking this may be our nerdy family Friday night tradition. It's on the way home from work for Robert and they have something for everyone - Mexican coke (with real sugar), Kombucha tea (for me), coffee, beer, smoothies, etc. They have nice food too, and affordable! So we set up camp, eat, drink, and co-computer. The kids program and I work on my weekly Saturday morning "Tri Coffee Reads" that I publish on my Cort the Sport blog every Saturday. Fun!

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