Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve/Day

Spencer and Grant in their long-awaited new robes made by Oma. And what a saga -- it involved driving her sewing machine to Wytheville for repair and finishing with a loaner! They are warm and awesome and the kids have not taken them off!

 Robert, Elisabeth, and Greg

 Tom, Karen, George, Therese/Oma

Christmas morning - 6 am!! Here come the Ewoks!

Spencer thought it would be nice to give the kitties milk. It did NOT agree with Hannah :-(

Spencer's gift to Grant - his expression was PRICELESS! (I missed getting that moment on camera). I try not to think of all the chemicals and preservatives in this. 

I enjoyed my day doing a puzzle!

Trixie on her new dog bed prior to being displaced.

Cats checking out the new scratching post/hideaway

We knew it would happen...Saki on the dog bed. Very happy Saki. With her favorite ornament from the tree, a little burlap tree.

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