Saturday, May 17, 2008

Piano recital, first chess lessons

Today was Grant's first piano recital, held at the Kroontje Center at Warm Hearth, where about 20 residents watched. There were seven children and he went third. Each child played two different pieces and Grant's were God is so Good and Bingo. He took command of the piano - no hesitation, self-doubt, or concern. He didn't even want help juggling his books. Afterward we enjoyed refreshments with the other families. Big thanks go to his fabulous and patient teacher, Darlene!

God is so Good


The kids also started their chess lessons with CR and loved it! They worked for two hours, focusing on puzzles, checkmating with a king and rook, and getting started on the Free Internet Chess Server. Their homework is to play three games on the computer and email them to CR so they can review them next time.

The last bit of news is that Trixie is an official graduate of Doggie Obedience Class! She (with Robert as master) did very well and she is ready for the next series of classes that will be off-leash.

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