Saturday, December 20, 2008

Smart dog

Today I got Trixie a new Wubba (at right). The old one has only one tentacle left looks pretty much like a sperm at this point.

She is one dog who seems to truly appreciate her toys. She took that new Wubba and snuggled with it and even brought it upstairs with her.'s the amazing part. We were in the kitchen and I said to Trixie, "go get your Wubba" and she looked at me and I could tell the wheels were turning. Off she goes...and YES, she came back with the Wubba! The old one, but still, what a smartie!

She has a toy basket and enjoys playing with all the different things in there. Now if only we could get her to pick up her toys and put them away!!!

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azlinsey said...

Cortney - where do you buy a wubba?