Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blizzard of 09

A big snowstorm was anticipated to hit during the day of the kids' last of school before winter break. As a result, school was canceled and they missed out on an all-school bowling trip (done in pajamas) plus an afternoon of movies, parties, and gingerbread house making. The snow started in earnest around 3:30 that day and we ended up with about 16" of beautiful snow. We were housebound for a day and a half, and it was a full three days before I got the van out again. It was a fun event and I'm convinced the blood-alcohol level of the whole town was at an all-time high that Friday night since no one could go anywhere, the semester was finally over, and frankly I think we were all just happy to be home, at least for a while, till cabin fever set in!

The pure, unadulterated snowfall!

Snowmen - they were adorned and dressed, but I removed that before they melted all the way!

These pictures show why the minivan was left at home for several days. Each time we ventured up or down the famed Harding Rd (in the 4wd truck) with its hairpin turns, there was a new set of auto casualties. With a ditch and rock wall on one side, and guardrail and cliff on the other, there is little margin for error. The wrecked cars added to the problem by squeezing traffic down to one lane in parts.

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