Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grant...Future Teacher?

This just in from Grant's teacher:
Thought you would enjoy this Grant story...this afternoon during math Grant came to me and said that he thought the group activity was too chaotic. :) He then made the suggestion to have me do the activity on the board with the whole group. (good idea!) So I smiled and asked if HE would be the teacher and run the activity with the class. At first Grant thought that I was kidding (like I tease!). So he went up front as I informed the class that we had a new teacher named Mr. Martin. Grant, er...I mean Mr. Martin did an excellent job of facilitating the group activity. I called Mrs. Marshall on the phone to come watch it was so cute.

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Spencer said...

No you're wrong! I just changed where my itouch was. Now it's more protected. Anyways, I can see why you thought that. Otherwise, it's the exact way you left it.