Saturday, January 23, 2010


Me: Grant, what do you want for breakfast?
Grant: Cereal.
Me: Well, you can get that yourself.
Grant: OK, a waffle then.
Grant: "My cents don't stay in my wallet because the zipper came unplugged."
more hahaha.

and this email from him the other day when they were off school and i was at work:
"Spencer won't let me play wii because he wants to play alone and so I tried to call but he hid all the phones and was torchering me while I was searching then he ran downstairs and grabbed player 1 and came back up and punched me in the stomach. I didn't cry because I was breathless. So here I am hiding in the fort to scared to come out emailing you."
it wasn't that bad, I swear! This is the same kid who asked me to "scroll down the window" in the van last summer.

Grant will be an excellent writer, heck, he already is!

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