Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spencer's Germany Trip

Spencer has been back from Germany for two days now. Details continue to come to the surface but at a very slow rate! He had a great time, is none the worse for the wear, and claims only to have missed water and milk (plus us....awww!). He spent most of the trip at his great-uncle Franz-Joseph's house, sleeping in a room with four computers and not far from the rooms that held even more computers. He was able to work on his Visual Basic programming while there, good thing he took his huge Visual Basic book with him!!

A nice benefit of the jet lag is that he's going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. He hardly made it through dinner out last night. He was home, in bed, and asleep by about 7:15, then up at 5 am. We'll see how long it lasts since he's normally our big sleeper. Here are two slide shows. One of the people, buildings, sights, and scenes. The other is of the museum exhibits he most treasured.

Mouse over the slide show for the controls to pop up. Or, you can click on the slide show and go directly to the picassa slide show which is bigger.

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