Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas 2010 had a few unexpected surprises associated with it, but it turned out to be a success for all. Oma/Therese, who is normally the hub of all of our holiday activity, bumped up her trip to Germany to be with her ailing brother.  That left us as the defacto hub. Elisabeth drove to Blacksburg with her newly adopted dog Penny and stayed with us which was a real treat. Cortney ended up with a cast and crutches which dropped her level of productivity by 75%. We've also had two significant snow events already, including one Christmas Day, putting us way ahead of schedule for the year.

Elisabeth and Robert ended up in charge of the traditional fried potato pancake dinner, which was made in the garage with much trial and error.  Elisabeth took on preparations for the herring salad for Christmas Eve.  It was agreed the efforts would make Therese proud!

The big gifts (of the purchased variety) this year were Grant's new laptop and a flatscreen LED TV for the family room. 

Cooking in the garage

Elisabeth and Penny

Some of the potato pancakes!

Spencer and Aunt Elisabeth

Grant and Grandfriend George looking at the atlas

Herring salad!

Christmas morning - bright-eyed boys!

Grant and the long-awaited new laptop computer which Spencer set up for him.

A successful Christmas morning.  Is it nap time?

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