Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We are test-driving a new/used cat named Goo! She's a middle-aged tortoise shell cat with a gooey eye. Her family will be traveling in Europe for a year and needed to place her for that time, or indefinitely if the keepers (us) grow attached! She originally belonged to another mutual friend, Brad, so she has a long line of people who love her and are keeping tabs.

So far so good. She is very confident and self-assured without being aggressive. Trixie the dog keeps a healthy distance and Hannah the cat has seemed fine. Goo hides all day (where, exactly, we are not sure) and comes out in the evenings. She comes to her name, when it suits her, and has followed Spencer up to his room several times.

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etoo said...

What a great picture!! And what a nice blog post! Since I'm the Brad who was Goo's human since she was little, I can say that this is such a great match! Goo often goes off on her own during the day anyway, so that's nothing new. Spencer, I have had the pleasure of discovering, is such a wonderful young man, and Goo is truly fortunate to have someone like him in her life. (And,knowing Goo so well, I can say, and vice versa.)

Thank you for sending me this!!