Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grant's Winning Choices Essay

Here's a nice piece that Grant wrote for a county contest on "Winning Choices".

Good Sportsmanship 
A Winning choices Essay By: Grant Martin  (grade 4)

I am going to be talking about good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is respect, caring, kindness, and self control altogether! You need to know that I am VERY competitive. That is what pushes me to try my best. Sometimes, though, I get Overly-Competitive. If that happens, I cut myself no slack and I don’t have fun. Most of the time I can balance it. Usually, I push myself harder in the spirit of the game! A great example was at soccer!

So far our team was undefeated. We were up against a REALLY hard team and I was feeling tense. In the first half, they shot 3 times and scored twice. I was the goalie and, naturally, felt guilty. My coach told me that it wasn’t my fault, because it had to have passed everyone else to even get to me. I pulled myself together and was on defense for the second half. Our team scored 2 goals right off the bat. Their team realized they had to step it up as well. We played hard and about 2 minutes before the game ended; Aram scored! I was so happy!!! Nobody scored after that. I saw that their team was upset so when we got snacks I gave a donut to their teams’ coach. He said “Thank you very much!” and we all went home.

See what I mean? Good sportsmanship is being able to congratulate or have sympathy for the other team. Everyone has fun when you do this. No matter what happens and no matter how competitive you get; Remember, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about having fun!

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