Sunday, November 13, 2011

A weekend in Richmond

We all enjoyed a weekend - more like 40 hours - in Richmond, Virginia's capitol. I (Cortney) was running my third Richmond Marathon so it was a nice chance to get away as a family!

The race was Saturday and I walked to the race with friends, giving Robert and the boys instructions to make the most of the day. I'd put together a list of museums and things to see in easy walking distance especially since many roads were closed for the race.

They ventured to the Capitol building for a tour and returned with the highest praise for the tourguide who told enthralling stories. Spencer is planning to apply to be a page for next year, which would have him living in Richmond for 45-60 days and assisting in the Capitol!

We met up after the race and enjoyed a nice German-style lunch at the Capitol Ale House. Then they went off to the Science Museum of Virginia while I rested up some. We finished off the day with a Thai dinner and an early night.

Sunday we returned home, but not without a detour to Gander Mountain to look at survival supplies for Grant and Dixie Caverns to check out rock and mineral specimens with Spencer!

It was a fun-filled weekend with gorgeous weather a nice race result too. I'm so thankful we were all there together!

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