Thursday, November 3, 2011


We enjoyed another Halloween with our great Luster's Mill tradition, pulling the kids around in the hay wagon as a group. It's nice that the kids here are all growing up together and sharing in these great neighborhood parties. We have some great party planners around here - the Wilsons, Hobarts, and Holbrooks. They do it up big with decorations and adult beverages and we are fortunate beneficiaries!

Spencer recycled his "absent-minded professor" costume from the play last summer and Grant went as a pumpkin -- a last minute change of plans. It was his idea (garnered from the trip to Deer Valley) to cut the bottom off and wear the pumpkin. It initially weighed 16 lbs, so he scraped and scraped and SCRAPED until he got that thing down to about 6 lbs. We added a little foam pad between his head and the squash and he was good to go. He even managed to navigate in the dark and not fall down!!

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