Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Fire Pit

Last night we "broke in" the new neighborhood firepit that Dave acquired and Robert helped to move and assemble. The Hobarts, Holbrooks, Wysockis, Wilsons, Martins, and a representative of the Segelkes all turned out for it. That meant: 11 adults, 11 kids, and 3 dogs!  Plus a lot of hot dogs, marshmallows, cinnamon rolls, blueberry cobbler (yum, thanks, Paul!), and beer!

The kids had made the most incredible "long house" from branches and vines with NO adult help. It's impressive! A spontaneous game of baseball broke out and the kids created a junior fire pit (pyros!).

We sure do love living here and very much appreciate the great neighbors that we have!!

Kids standing by their "long house"

Another view of the longhouse

The new fire pit

Our common area!

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