Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Myrtle

On the drive back from Myrtle Beach I thought of a few more things to share about the trip.

I think it was kind of special that it was just the boys and I on this trip. With two of them and just one of me, we really had to work together. They stepped up and I saw them as the incredible young men they are becoming. There was a moment of watching them in the waves this morning, the only two people as far as I could see in either direction, happy together and independently confident.  They are different in many ways, but I am equally proud...very proud... of each of them.

This trip gave us a chance to talk about things we don't really discuss in the course of normal life. We touched on all the good subjects - sex, dating, marriage, drugs, religion, politics...and farting. Oh, wait, we already talk about farting daily!!

They are two highly analytical kids. There was sure a lot of talk about math. In fact, at one point Spencer was alone in one of the hot tubs with this 7-year-old girl. He said he struck up a conversation with her about math, asked her what she was working on in school math, and explained that math is at the root of most interesting careers and that she should consider going in that direction. LOL!!  The Math Teachers Association should hire Spencer as a lobbyist!!

Grant does not shy away from a challenge. I told him we were going to get all of our stuff down to the lobby without a luggage cart and he was in. He and I carried all but Spencer's duffel (he was lagging behind). Two bags, two coolers, two chairs, four buckets, a shovel, a backpack, and a giant bag of towels and blankest all made it down in one trip.

On the way home they were making up word problems of converting speeds to "furlongs per fortnight".

We are tired, overfed, and sunburned, but it was a great, great weekend!!

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