Saturday, September 8, 2012

Myrtle Beach

The kids hadn't been to an actual beach in a year so we made a quick trip to Myrtle Beach to play in the waves. Lindy Cranwell helped us to get a good deal on a nice room at the Hilton and we had no need to leave the property for the 40 hour visit. The place was perfect for our needs with multiple pools, decent food options, and the handy tiki bar/lunch place. Here's a little video of some wave action, the "pool workout" with crunches, and Spencer streamlining across the pool.

The water was warm and the weather was good except for some winds late Saturday.

The life guards were pretty hard core and didn't let anyone in too far. When one guy went out "beyond" and couldn't hear the guards over the wind and waves, so they brought the police in and ended up cuffing and questioning the guy. His friends were distraught as he was a pretty upstanding guy who simply was not aware. They let him go, but he'll probably never live it down. Grant, meanwhile, was digging the mandatory "beach hole to China" and oblivious.

Speaking of Grant, I lost my beloved Aqua Sphere goggles. They were up on my forehead and I ducked under a wave, and just like that they were gone. Amazingly, Grant found them for me!!

We spent some time in the pool doing "streamline" contests to see who could travel the furthest under water without a pullout. Spencer was the clear winner. I just don't have the same spring off the wall.

We are tired, sunburned, and happy!

En Route

From our balcony

A guy had just gotten "cuffed" behind Grant!

Modelling the Aqua Sphere goggles (race team sponsor)

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