Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beach Trip!

Our friends Dave and Mary invited us to join them, their children, and another family at the beach house they had arranged for the week. We were there about 72 hours, but it's amazing how much we packed into that time!

Mary and Dave had arranged for the kids to take a surf lesson together. It was a big surprise and the kids did extremely well. Their instructors were terrific and it was a success by every measure! Check it out below!

The house was incredible, beautiful, and spacious. The pool and hot tub were enclosed by a glass fence so the view to the ocean was not obstructed. In addition to ocean time and fun in the waves, we enjoyed a BBQ, crab fest, the ice cream truck, and the pool and decks. It was an amazing trip and one that we will never forget! Cortney enjoyed some swim/bike/runs too, read about those here! 

The only bummer was the 350 mile drive home in 94 degree weather with BROKEN non-functional air conditioning. Everyone dealt with it really well though. (That's because we hadn't gotten the repair estimate yet!!)

Spencer is very at home in the waves!


We wondered how the driver could stand the non-stop music!
The ice cream was a hit (thanks, Alison!)

Dave showing the finer points of crab picking

The kitchen was incredible and better equipped than my own!

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