Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Day in the Life of Mom

Note that this is a Saturday. In summer.
  • Wake up at 4 am
  • Do some work on the computer, eat breakfast, make coffee, have a cup of coffee
  • Program bike workout into Garmin (GPS) unit
  • 7 - 8 am bike ride that includes 10 threshold intervals. Sweat butt off.  Spot cat at end of ride that could be neighbor's missing cat
  • Come home call/email neighbor, wish that I had taken a picture
  • Have inspiration for blog post, write said blog post.
  • Make eggs and english muffins (2nd breakfast for me, 1st for kids)
  • Neighbor with cat calls, we chat
  • Change clothes
  • Weed and trim bushes for two hours
  • Take shower
  • Friend Juliet and her dog come over to visit
  • Schedule playdate for Spencer
  • Start laundry
  • Make grocery list
  • Take Spencer to Goodwill to buy shirt for his play
  • Drive Spencer to friend's house
  • Backtrack to take Coach's dog for a walk
  • Go to Target with two school supply lists. Get nearly nauseous shopping and going in circles
  • Go to Michaels to get EXACT colored pencils required by 4th grade
  • Stop in TJ Maxx because it's right next door (!)
  • Grocery shop at Kroger
  • Return to pick Spencer up
  • Unload all purchases at home
  • Organize the school supplies into Spencer and Grant piles. Double-check list. Get told I bought supplies for art but that Spencer is in band, remember?  Oops.
  • Make dinner - tunafish sandwiches, corn on the cob, watermelon
  • Switch laundry
  • Make yellow cake per Spencer's request
  • Cut up veggies to roast since oven is on anyway
  • Make frosting, frost cake
  • Do dishes throughout
  • Switch laundry again
  • Write this post........... to be continued!
I don't stop moving much, but I love my family and know they are grateful.  And they are understanding when I need a day off!!

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